Resources on Food, Agriculture, and Climate Change

Numerous research studies have shown that plant-based diets are much gentler on the earth than those centered around animal agriculture. You can make a difference at every meal by choosing to reduce your animal foods and increase your intake of plants! Here are several related resources:


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – This documentary film points to animal agriculture as the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption, and pollution; as being responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry; and as being a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, and ocean ‚Äúdead zones.”

Seaspiracy – Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species and points out practices that are unsustainable. “If the oceans die, we die,” notes Captain Paul Watson.


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