Reduce Employer Healthcare Costs & Increase Employee Morale with Plant-Based Workplace Programs 

Shake up your workplace with a positive, healthy, morale-boosting program that may reduce employee healthcare expenses.

Here are some of the plant-based cooking and nutrition education programs that Planted Platter can deliver to your employees:

  • Plant-Based Nutrition Lunch & Learn: inspiring, tasty, and done in an hour!
    • plant-based lunch
    • presentation(s) about healthy, whole-food, plant-based eating with tips to get started
    • question/answer period and additional resources
    • no cooking demonstrations in this package
  • Food for Life Employee Wellness Program: before- or after-work sessions
    • multi-week plant-based education series that brings employees together (in person or via Zoom) to improve their health
    • weekly cooking demonstrations and recipes
    • question/answer period and additional resources
    • ongoing team support
  • Ongoing plant-based group coaching and employee events. From offering a plant-based diet break-out session at an upcoming staff training day to working one-on-one with employees who really show dedication towards improving their health, Planted Platter is open to your ideas and will develop a custom program to suit your goals.

Discover the bottom-line magic of encouraging your employees to eat plant-based, whole food. It’s good for the planet, good for your business, good for your employees, and good for you.