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Eat more plants.

Planted Platter will help you with plant-based cooking classes and recipe demonstrations, customized plant-based coaching programs, and plant-based workplace wellness programs.


In its healthy vegan cooking classes, Planted Platter teaches plant-based nutrition and demonstrates whole-food, plant-based recipes.


Commit to changing your health and your life through our plant-based diet coaching program. Imagine how you will feel one year from now!

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Help employees learn healthier eating habits. Ask us to bring our plant-based program to your workplace, in person or virtually.

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Planted Platter believes in eating a plant-based diet to support better health, fight climate change, and reduce animal cruelty. Why would you want to do anything less?

Start your plant-based life today!


Planted Platter provides plant-based food classes, coaching, and connections. Join us in building a network of plant-savvy people, restaurants, employers, and others who celebrate plant-based eating and focus on healthy lifestyles. Together, we can be a positive force for food as medicine, helping to reduce chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.


Online plant-based cooking classes
Check the schedule of our healthy vegan nutrition and cooking classes. All classes are taught online via Zoom. Join from home or wherever you are!

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Planted Platter believes plant-based food should be simple, tasty, affordable, and accessible…for everyone, everywhere.

Delicious Plant-Based Bowls | Recipe Booklet

Delicious Plant-Based Bowls | Recipe Booklet

Learn how to build a flavorful, healthy, plant-based meal in a bowl in the linked recipe guide from a cooking class taught by Planted Platter's Deb Czech. Fun and tasty, these colorful creations (sometimes called grain bowls or wellness bowls) draw on global culinary...

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Eat More Plants: 5 Tips to Make it Fun and Easy

Eat More Plants: 5 Tips to Make it Fun and Easy

What are your health and wellness goals for the coming year? Do you want to regain the energy you had years ago? Do you have health metrics you’d like to raise or lower? Trying to get healthier quickly to reduce your COVID risks? A plant-based diet can help with all of this!

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Plants & Protein

Plants & Protein

By far, the most common question a plant-based eater hears is, “Where do you get your protein?” Over and over (and over) again, people are very concerned about protein deficiencies on a plant-based diet. Even when you assure them of your continued survival, and add in...

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Ready to eat better and restore your health? Deb's online cooking classes will show you how. 🍅🍍🍏 Find out why eating more plants can help you lose weight, boost energy and immunity, and address or help to prevent chronic health conditions such as:⁠

✅ obesity⁠
✅ diabetes⁠
✅ heart disease⁠
✅ hypertension⁠
✅ digestive disorders⁠
✅ some forms of cancer

Choose from a dozen classes this fall, all offered via Zoom so you can get comfy at home and tune in. Link in bio or here: https://plantedplatter.com

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Plant-based camping fare: already-prepped roasted Brussels sprouts and potatoes mixed with smoky marinated carrots and @fieldroast sausage. A bit of Italian dressing to season. Hits the spot after a day outdoors! What’s your favorite camping meal? ...

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🥕"Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" 🌽 is a slogan that makes so much sense. (I'm saving "No Farms, No Food" for another post.) ⁠Here's my take on it...⁠

Building a relationship with the people who grow our food leads to a deeper connection with the food on our plates. ⁠

This photo of one assortment in our weekly farm box from @denisonfarm shows what you might receive by subscribing to a CSA program (CSA=community-supported agriculture) with a nearby farm. Some CSAs let you pick your own produce (which gives you control over what you get); others provide it to you pre-boxed (which will diversify what you eat). 👏🏿⁠ 👏 👏🏼⁠

There are CSA arrangements that run year-round or in different seasons. Usually, they'll preview the week's share with some sort of email to participants, letting you know what's going on at the farm and giving recipe ideas. It's a great business and human relationship, with your upfront, pre-season payment helping the farm to then grow food for you all season long. ⁠

If you are trying to put more plant-based foods on your plate, take a look in your local area...what nearby farms offer CSA? If you are in Saratoga, I can recommend a few options for you. If not, Google or ask at your local farmers' market. This is a super way to eat locally grown food and support American farmers. 💚

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