Want to feel better?
Eat more plants.

Planted Platter will help you with whole food, plant-based cooking classes and recipes, healthy vegan coaching services, and plant-forward workplace wellness programs.


In its healthy vegan cooking classes, Planted Platter teaches plant-based nutrition and demonstrates whole-food, plant-based recipes.


Commit to changing your health and your life through our plant-based diet coaching program. Imagine how you will feel one year from now!

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Help employees learn healthier eating habits. Ask us to bring our plant-based program to your workplace, in person or virtually.

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Planted Platter believes in eating a plant-based diet to improve human health, fight climate change, and save animal lives. Why would you want to do anything less?

Start your plant-based life today!


Planted Platter provides plant-based cooking classes, coaching, and connections. Join us in building a network of individuals, restaurants, employers, and others who celebrate plant-based eating and healthy lifestyles. Together, we can be a positive force for food as medicine, helping to reverse chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.


Check the schedule of our healthy vegan nutrition and cooking classes. Classes are taught in-person and online via Zoom. Custom group classes are available on request.

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bold food. bright life.

Planted Platter believes plant-based food should be simple, tasty, affordable, and accessible…for everyone, everywhere.

Resources on Food, Agriculture, and Climate Change

Resources on Food, Agriculture, and Climate Change

Did you know that by eating more plant-based meals, you can help to reduce global warming? Animal agriculture is responsible for significant environmental damage around the globe. Check out our recommended films and articles with more details.

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Plant-Based Sandwiches | Video and Recipes

Plant-Based Sandwiches | Video and Recipes

Fun and filling, these tasty plant-based sandwiches and condiments feature robust flavors and are easy to create. It’s time to trade in sandwiches with meat, cheese, fish, and eggs for flavorful, healthy plants!

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Harvest Cooking Classes at Pitney Meadows

Harvest Cooking Classes at Pitney Meadows

THURSDAY | 6.30.2022 | 6:00-7:30 p.m. EDT
Join Deb Czech for hands-on cooking classes featuring farm-fresh produce. Hosted on the beautiful grounds of Pitney Meadows Community Farm, these classes will be held: 6/30, 7/21, 8/25, 9/29, 10/20, and 11/10.

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We've been busy in our Kickstart Your Health classes! Sign up for tomorrow's class to learn how to break up with seductive foods like cheese. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⁠

Last week's class included an Orzo Tomato Salad, Tofu Scramble (tastes like eggs with a secret ingredient), and a Corn-Black Bean Salad with Kale. All tasty, low-fat, and FULL OF FIBER. 🔥 ⁠

➡️ Join Deb to find out how to make food that tastes fantastic and promotes good health. Link in bio!

🍅🍏 ⁠Zoom into Deb's kitchen on five Wednesday evenings for a healthy plant-based cooking adventure! 🍏⁠🍅 Link in bio. ⁠

Eating plant-based meals can help you: ⁠
🥦 lower cholesterol⁠
🍍 maintain a healthy weight⁠
🥦 reduce artery-clogging saturated fat⁠
🍍 strengthen gut health⁠
🥦 improve mood⁠
🍍 boost energy and immunity⁠
🥦 clear up skin complexion⁠
🍍 control blood sugar⁠
🥦 address heart disease, diabetes, cancer risk & more⁠

Plus, reducing your intake of animal-based foods helps to save the planet from climate change...💚...and is kinder to animals. 🐷 🐣 🐮⁠

Learn how simple it is to ⭐THRIVE ON PLANTS⭐ with this 5-class series. (Or choose single classes to fit your schedule.) Sign up now to kickstart your health this spring! Link in bio.