Want to feel better?
Eat more plants.

Planted Platter will help you with plant-based cooking classes and recipe demonstrations, guidance for restaurants/foodservice in welcoming vegan customers, and plant-based workplace wellness programs.


Through group classes or private coaching, Planted Platter will teach you plant-based nutrition, healthy cooking tips, and whole-food, plant-based recipes.


For restaurants, caterers, hotels, and food service, Planted Platter advises on the plant-forward menu trend. Earn customers with tasty plant-based menu options.

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Help your employees learn healthier eating habits and lower your healthcare costs. Ask us to bring our plant-based program to your workplace, in person or virtually.

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Planted Platter isn’t the name of a specific product. Rather, it describes the idea that we can all eat a bountiful plant-based diet to support better health. Why would you want to do anything less?

Start your plant-based life today!


Planted Platter provides plant-based food classes, coaching, and connections. Join us in building a network of plant-savvy people, restaurants, employers, and others who celebrate plant-based eating and focus on healthy lifestyles. Together, we can be a positive force for food as medicine, helping to reduce chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.


Online plant-based cooking classes
Click here for our healthy, plant-based cooking classes. Due to COVID-19, all classes are taught online via Zoom. Join from home or wherever you are!

To keep informed about new classes that are added to the schedule, sign up for our newsletter, follow Planted Platter on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email.

bold food. bright life.

Planted Platter promotes plant-based eating options – for everyone, everywhere.

Eat More Plants: 5 Tips to Make it Fun and Easy

Eat More Plants: 5 Tips to Make it Fun and Easy

What are your health and wellness goals for the coming year? Do you want to regain the energy you had years ago? Do you have health metrics you’d like to raise or lower? Trying to get healthier quickly to reduce your COVID risks? A plant-based diet can help with all of this!

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Plants & Protein

Plants & Protein

By far, the most common question a plant-based eater hears is, “Where do you get your protein?” Over and over (and over) again, people are very concerned about protein deficiencies on a plant-based diet.

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Rethinking Restaurant Salads for Maximum Appeal

Rethinking Restaurant Salads for Maximum Appeal

It’s very common these days to review a restaurant menu and notice that every salad has animal protein on it: salad with goat cheese or bacon; salad with chicken, or salmon, or shrimp; salad with grilled steak. We’ve all seen this, right?

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Raided the fridge for a stir-fry lunch: home-grown bean sprouts 😀, cauliflower, kale, shiitake mushrooms, cilantro. Sriracha on top for some heat! ...

This cold weather is the perfect time to oven-roast some veggies. 🔥 😃 🔥 Hearty fare + warm oven! ⁠

Blue fingerling potatoes + kohlrabi (have you tried it?) + butternut squash filled out a plate with salad and lemon-barley risotto. ⁠

What tastes good to you during this cold snap?

You can still sign up for tonight's plant-based cooking class & recipe demo. Join us! https://plantedplatter.com/keys-natural-appetite-control/ ...