Client Comments


I Feel Great!

“Thank you so much for the classes you just gave. I am starting my 11th day [of plant-based eating] and I feel great! I thought this type of eating would be boring and with not too many choices. It is totally the opposite.”    – M.A.


Totally Amazing Cooking Class

“Wow, Deb. That was a totally amazing cooking class! Thank you so much. Everything looked so delicious. I can’t wait to try these in my kitchen.”   – C.A.


Thank You So Much

“Thank you so much for the class. I truly enjoyed it. Hope to keep learning more recipes.”   – V.L.


Fun to Try New, Healthy Recipes

“Deb, thank you for the updates, and recipes, and resources. I picked up a few ingredients today…It is fun to try new healthy recipes!”   – G.H.


Warm and Engaging Atmosphere

“I want to thank you again for the classes. I truly enjoyed them! Even though my health issues made me look into plant-based eating for some time now, I learned new things from the classes…Also wanted to thank you for creating a warm and engaging atmosphere during each class. It was nice to exchange thoughts and ideas with you and fellow class participants.”   – Y.I.


Made Me Feel Welcomed and Nurtured

“Thank you, Deb. I found your class to be so informational…Your interaction with each student made me feel welcomed and nurtured…I love the work that you and the Physicians Committee are doing. Thank you guys for promoting plant-based diets with science-based nutrition.”   – J.M.


Informative and Fun Class

“The two dishes look wonderful! Thank you for hosting such an informative and fun class. I enjoyed it and I have so much info and ideas to incorporate into my cooking. I’m looking forward to implementing them. Thanks and be well!”   – K.B.


Wonderful Class

“Thank you so much for the wonderful class. I left truly inspired. I look forward to more!”   – A.T.


Great Class

“Thank you and great class last night.”   – K.S.


Helpful and Giving

“WOW! I get so excited when I see an email from you! I really appreciate just how helpful and giving you are of your time and suggestions, recipes, tips for success, etc.”   – J.K.