Plant-Based Coaching to Meet Your Health & Wellness Goals

Planted Platter offers you 1:1 guidance and plant-based, vegan diet coaching (via phone/Zoom/email) for a custom focus on healthy vegan eating/cooking and overall wellness. Planted Platter does not provide medical advice; you should speak with your health care provider before making significant changes to your diet or fitness activities.

Let’s simplify your change to plant-based eating by working together! Individual vegan/plant-based diet consultations are available at an hourly rate or take advantage of the 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month programs to help you make steady progress towards your plant-based health goals.

Some of the topics you may want to address in our plant-based coaching sessions include:

  • Making time to cook vegan meals
  • Shopping for vegan and plant-based ingredients: what to choose and what to leave behind
  • Helping friends and family to accept your new plant-based lifestyle
  • Dining out and finding healthy vegan menu options
  • Building your knowledge and skills around plant-based meal prep
  • Finding plant-based meals that suit your specific taste preferences (and accommodate those who eat with you)
  • Identifying simple vegan dishes from around the world to add diversity to your weekly meal plans