Plant-Based Diet Coaching: 6 Months


Weekly conversations and ongoing text/email will support your pursuit of specific health goals. Sessions can include hands-on training and cooking together. Appropriate for those who are new to a plant-based diet or those who want to fine-tune what they already know. Includes free admission to Planted Platter’s group classes.



Do you have a specific health goal that you want to reach using a plant-based diet, such as losing weight, managing the symptoms of pre-diabetes and diabetes, lowering your blood pressure, limiting your risks for a heart attack, reducing your cancer risk, or improving your overall energy and immunity? Planted Platter is ready to help you by providing guidance, a sounding board, and resources on plant-based nutrition, cooking, and recipes.

Slow and steady wins the race and we are ready to help you celebrate when you reach your goal.

Let’s work on your plant-based eating and cooking together. This starts with a thorough review of your vegan diet goals, your food preferences, health requirements, and other important data. (Note: Planted Platter does not provide medical advice; you should speak with your health care provider before changing your diet or fitness activities.)

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Making time to cook healthy, plant-based meals at home
  • Finding meals that suit your specific taste preferences (and accommodate those who eat with you)
  • Communicating with others about your new plant-based lifestyle
  • Healthy, plant-based options when traveling, at work, or dining out with friends
  • Kitchen skills to support your new way of cooking, including tools, pantry organization, and meal prep
  • Different cuisines from around the world to add diversity to your weekly meal plans

The 6-month plant-based coaching package includes:

  • One 60-minute initial consultation to discuss goals, your health, food, cooking, and more
  • Twenty-one 30-minute Zoom or phone calls to discuss progress and resolve hurdles (some may be combined into one-hour, hands-on cooking, kitchen organization, or grocery/farmers market tours)
  • Resource packet, including health information, plant-based pantry guide, and recipes
  • Email or text communications in between sessions
  • Free admission for you for any of Planted Platter’s group classes

Once you have purchased a package, we will contact you to arrange scheduling.