Food For Life Classes Teach Tasty Plant-Based Recipes

Ready to explore how a plant-based diet can make you healthier? Join us for one of our Food For Life classes packed with recipes, tips, and ideas to help prevent or reverse chronic diseases. Planted Platter’s founder, Deb Czech, is a licensed Food For Life instructor teaching a range of plant-based cooking and nutrition classes developed by the medical and nutrition professionals at the Physicians Committee in Washington, DC.

The Food for Life series features nutrition and recipes that can help to prevent diet-related chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Designed by physicians, nurses, and registered dietitians, Food for Life promotes healthful eating based on the latest scientific research.

Each Food for Life class includes:

  • Detailed information on how foods and nutrients can promote or discourage disease
  • Video segments from healthcare professionals explaining why plant-based eating has such an impact on health
  • Easy, tasty, and affordable plant-based recipe demonstrations
  • Essential tips and cooking techniques to put healthy meals on your plate every day
  • A supportive setting that encourages class participants to reclaim their health through their food choices

In addition to this website, Planted Platter announces upcoming Food for Life classes on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and through our e-newsletter, so follow us or subscribe to receive news on our next class dates.

Planted Platter also offers a variety of other plant-based cooking classes, including customized single-session or multi-class series for your workplace, club, or group. Please inquire here.