“I’m Allergic to Veggies”

While Planted Platter loves kale and lima beans and all things green, we realize that not everyone does. Fear not. We’ll help you find the ones you like. Sometimes people say they don’t like a certain vegetable because they have had unpleasant experiences eating it before. But bring on a change of seasoning, a different cooking method, and voila! Suddenly that veggie tastes pretty good.

There are hundreds of edible plants (actually, thousands), providing us with great flexibility in our plant-based cooking and eating. While Planted Platter will encourage you to reduce and eliminate your intake of animal-based and processed foods, you are in charge of your food choices.

Our goal is to provide information and support so you can make choices that allow you to feel as fabulous as you deserve. For some people, that will be 100% plant-based. Others may choose to be plant-based much of the time, but occasionally eat like an omnivore.

Planted Platter’s purpose is to reduce chronic disease by advocating for healthy, plant-based food choices to be widely available. Our hunch is that once you start feeling the power of plant-based nutrition and understanding that food is medicine, you’ll be all in. If you need individualized coaching to make this dietary lifestyle work for you, send an email with some details so we can help you out.