Sweet Potato Salad with Cranberries

With its lemon-mustard dressing, this colorful salad has a bright, tangy flavor. Packs well for a picnic or lunch at work.
Serves 4-6
3 C peeled and cubed sweet potato (bite-size pieces)
1 C chopped scallions
1 C chopped celery
1/4 C chopped parsley
1/4 C dried cranberries
1 C pomegranate arils (optional)
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tsp stone ground mustard
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 pressed garlic clove
Cook the sweet potato for 5 minutes in simmering water and test for doneness. The pieces should not be crunchy, but you want to stop cooking when they are still firm, so they hold their shape in the salad. Drain into a colander and run cold water over to stop the cooking.
Combine all salad ingredients. The optional pomegranate adds wonderful color but a distinctive crunch, which some people don’t care for. (Somewhat like eating grapes with seeds.)
Mix the dressing well and add roughly 1/3 cup to salad. Mix and taste to determine whether more is needed.
This salad stores well and the flavors blend together, so make in advance if you have time.