Plant-Based Menus & Meals for Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses

Plant-forward diners represent a growing customer segment

Planted Platter helps restaurants, caterers, hotels, event venues, entertainment destinations, and other hospitality businesses to attract and serve plant-based guests. Whether these guests are vegan, 100% plant-based, or just looking for an occasional healthy, plant-centered meal, we’ll help you to be ready! 

We will work with your team to:

  • Review existing menus and develop plant-based options that complement and enrich your culinary identity
  • Educate kitchen staff and servers on plant-based guests‘ needs and preferences to promote your commitment, increase guest confidence, and streamline staff-guest interactions
  • Use Planted Platter’s food service PR and promotion tools (website listing, photos, media interviews, social media) to enhance your general brand reputation and your specific appeal to the plant-based segment
  • Target plant-based foodies and health-savvy customers through Planted Platter’s social media and other communications channels